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A New Look ... and a Game

The Charlotte Bobcats have the #3 defense in the league. The Charlotte Bobcats!!!! Wow. Granted, they're second-to-last in OFR, but it's pretty amazing they're so good on the defensive end, and it's no surprise they're hovering close to .500 with that type of production on the defensive end.

First things first, check this out. Awesome stuff from Rich over at Philly.com.

OK, now the game. MCW is out, which means unless someone else has a superhuman effort, the Sixers should lose this game. MKG is out for Charlotte, which doesn't help things, but hopefully solid defense will trump a circus act, fast-paced attack led by hopeless players.

Now, as you may have noticed, I redesigned the article page here on Depressed Fan. A few things to note. The page is completely responsive, meaning it's designed to work on whatever device you're reading on. Personally, I think the best experience comes on a wide desktop (1250px+), but it works right down to the smallest mobile phone. Since this isn't my day job, I didn't have to worry about cross-browser issues. It's optimized for Chrome, but should work on any "modern" browser (I don't consider any version of IE to be modern). Please mess around with the new design, let me know if anything looks off to you, or doesn't work. (if you want to see something cool, try re-sizing your window on a desktop, you can see the differences at each break point as you shrink the window, then expand).

I hope you enjoy it.

The tip tonight is at 7pm. I'll be around, but might be a little late to the party. Join me if you like watching Evan Turner dominate the ball.
by Brian on Dec 6 2013
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