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A New Starting Lineup?

Three tweets from Kate Fagan during the Sixers practice today left me feeling empty inside. Details after the jump.

Here are the tweets, afterward the conclusions I'm jumping to:

Watching practice, they are running through 5-on-0 and Brand is w/ second unit. Not sure yet if that means anything specific.

Just talked to Jordan who hinted at a lineup change for Wednesday, sounded like bringing Brand off the bench.

Jordan also said that Brand, right now, is not ready to be a 40 minute a night guy. And that's why he hasn't been.

So no definitive word, yet, but all signs are pointing to Elton Brand being removed from the starting lineup. If this is the case, here are the three most-likely options for who would replace him: Jason Kapono, Willie Green, Jason Smith.

Had this news come before the Speights injury, I probably would've been fine with it, but right now I'm guessing there's about an 80% chance that Jordan will be starting a small lineup, and probably sticking with a small lineup for 20 to 30 minutes per game. This is disastrous news, absolutely devastating as far as I'm concerned. Small lineups have been this team's bugaboo from day one, and this is absolutely not the type of adjustment the team need.
by Brian on Nov 16 2009
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