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vangundyandyao.jpgDoes anyone remember what happened the last time the Houston Rockets came to Philadelphia to face the 76ers? No, you've wiped that particular memory from your mind? If that's the case, stop reading now.

If you're still here, when Houston came to the Wach last year, the Sixers were actually playing pretty good ball. They'd won 8 of their last 10, Iguodala was really stepping into his role as team leader, Miller was making everybody around him look good. They weren't hollow wins either, they beat the Jazz, Suns, Lakers and Nets and only lost to Chicago by 1. The future was looking so bright before that troll Jeff Van Gundy came to town with his f*cking Rockets.

The final score that night was 124-74. You read that correctly. The Sixers lost by 50 points, and the Rockets weren't really actively trying to rub it in either. McGrady and Yao both played about 27 minutes. No starter reached 30 minutes, it was just an embarrassing night to be a Sixers fan.

I don't know if the players remember. They should. I don't know how you could possibly forget a night like that. Tonight is a chance for this Sixers team to get revenge for the worst loss they've suffered as a unit. In their favor: No more Jeff Van Gundy. The Rockets fired the evil genius after last year's first-round collapse against the Jazz. It's too bad, I would've enjoyed beating the little guy, but Yao and company will have to do.

Tip-off is at 7 p.m.
by Brian on Dec 10 2007
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