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A Pair of Warriors

Golden State's ownership is up in the air, their team is a mess, and they have two unrestricted free agents, either of whom would be an excellent fit on the Sixers.

Unfortunately, I believe both guys are restricted free agents, so there's always the risk GSW will match any offer, but that doesn't mean you can't make the effort to sign one (or both).

Morrow has to be the primary target. The guy is a deadly, deadly shooter from deep, 46% for his career. If the Sixers don't draft Evan Turner or John Wall, I could see Morrow starting between Jrue and Iguodala and providing a great deterrent to teams who want to pack the lane. If the Sixers wind up with Turner or Wall, Morrow fits perfectly as a shooter off the bench. I'd say he's worth somewhere below the full MLE, but if you twisted my arm, I believe in his shooting enough to consider upping the offer.

Watson fits as a veteran-ish, backup PG who can also shoot and defend. I'd feel comfortable handing the reins over to him for 10 minutes or so per game and I also believe he and Jrue could play in the back court together.

If the MLE is a legit option, these guys are right up there on my list with Redick as far as back court players go.