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A Saturday Matinee

Today's 1 p.m. start at the Wach vs. the Raptors is a rarity for out beloved 76ers. I was lucky enough to score a pair of complimentary tickets for this one (so apparently they can give them away), and I'll be taking my kids to their first "professional" basketball game. I can only hope it'll keep them entertained, I suppose. Brief preview and game thread after the jump.

I hate to do this in a preview, but forget about the Raptors. Pay no attention to Chris Bosh who is clearly playing for his max contract this summer, rather than a playoff berth. They don't matter. The Sixers are in a dog fight to hold onto the 7th-worst record in the league.
The Knicks have lost four straight and are tied with the Sixers right now (I believe the pick is decided by a coin flip, not traditional tiebreakers). The Clippers have lost three straight and they're only a game better than Philly. Indy continues to win games they really shouldn't but even they aren't out of reach, only 1.5 games separate the Sixers from the Pacers.

If you're looking in the other direction, Sacto (6 straight losses) is 2.5 games worse than the Sixers for the 6th-worst record, the Pistons (10 straight losses) are 3 games worse. Philly only has 7 games left, including today's. Honestly, they'll be lucky to hold onto the 7th-worst record.

If you need a reason to watch this one, the best I can scrape together is a contest to see which team plays worse defense. My money is on Toronto, led by Hedo. Thankfully, the Sixers don't have the offensive firepower to overcome Toronto. Unless the Raptors were out on the town last night celebrating Good Friday, I think they win this one pretty handily.

This is your game thread, keep it clean in my absence. I don't know what section I'm going to be in (it's some kind of big secret), but I'll post something on Twitter from the game. If you don't follow me, click here to do so. If you're going, I hope to see you. If you aren't, carry the torch here.
by Brian on Apr 3 2010
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