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A Sixers Thanksgiving Challenge

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/turner1.jpgThanksgiving is a day for expressing gratitude for the blessings of life.  Meanwhile, the Sixers have the second-worst record in a 30-team league and are coming off an excruciating loss and a blowout to two below-average teams.  So the following is a challenge rather than an exercise (not unlike writing a paragraph without using the letter "e"):  come up with ten Sixer-related items for which you can be thankful.  But to make it extra-difficult, there are some rules.

  1. It's got to be about the current Sixer team (e.g., nothing about past Sixer greats)
  2. It can't be sarcastic (e.g., "I'm thankful that Spencer Hawes is so ball-friendly" is not allowed -- unless you really believe that statement)
  3. It can't be a veiled negative comment (e.g., "I'm thankful that Iguodala will soon be traded" is not allowed)
  4. It can't be a backhanded compliment
Rules #2-4 are meant to ensure that the items are genuinely positive, because we as a group are so accustomed to complaining about the Sixers that we have become like Lucy in Peanuts, who, when challenged by her brother Linus to smile, could only produce a frown.  So who's up for the challenge?

Here's my list (and believe me, it wasn't easy to think of ten things).  I'm thankful:

  • for a coach in Doug Collins who is passionate about the Sixers, cares deeply about making the team better, articulates his thinking well, and generally holds his players accountable for poor performance or attitude
  • for Andre Iguodala's unselfishness and general willingness to involve his teammates in plays he initiates; and for Iguodala's opportunity this summer to show how valuable he can be on a team with several other great players
  • for Thaddeus Young's acceptance of his role off the bench, where he has flourished this year; and for Thad's much-improved shot selection this year, resulting in better scoring efficiency
  • for Jrue Holiday's continued flashes of excellence, especially his ability to finish with the left hand
  • for Evan Turner's incredible defensive rebounding
  • for Lou Williams' uncanny ability to draw shooting fouls by pump-faking
  • for Marreese Speights' improved defensive rebounding and general good attitude in the face of few minutes
  • for Elton Brand's opportunity to show at least glimpses of the player the Sixers thought they were signing in 2008
  • for Andres Nocioni's showing that he can still be a solid contributor and very good three-point shooter
  • for Brian's tireless work in maintaining this blog, helping us all to "laugh through our tears"; and for all the regular contributors to the blog who make it worth reading, whether I agree or disagree with their points
Okay, so what are yours?  For fun, time yourself to see how quickly you can think of ten things to be thankful for, then time yourself to see how quickly you can think of ten things to complain about ...
by Statman on Nov 25 2010
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