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You got Elton Brand to be a low-post banger, right? How about you use him in the post.

Here is Elton's shot chart from tonight's game:

eltonshots.gifThree of his shots were misses from point blank range, the rest were from outside the key. I can count on one hand the number of times an offensive set started with him getting the ball on the low block. Actually, I think I saw Sammy down there begging for the ball more than Elton. It's probably not his fault, he's not calling the plays or designing the offense, but someone needs to go back and look at that game tape.

One more note on the game tape. The Sixers need to move the ball much more quickly around the perimeter when Elton gets doubled and passes it out. I remember one play in particular where Brand got rid of the ball the instant the double got to him with a crisp pass to Lou on the left side, beyond the three-point line. You've seen this done by other teams hundreds of times, and you know that if Lou gets the ball out of his hands quickly someone is wide open in the opposite corner. He has to be because of the rotations. Instead of moving the ball, Lou started dribbling right away and the defense recovered. The ball has to be moved quickly on the perimeter to make teams pay for double teaming Brand. Has to. This is something they need to work on in practice. Also, someone needs to remove the glue from Willie Green's hands. If I see him dribbling at the top of the key for no apparent reason again I'm going to wind up throwing my remote through my TV.

by Brian on Oct 30 2008
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