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The Sixers and Mo Cheeks have agreed to terms on a one-year extension. In February, he signed an extension to coach the upcoming season, this extension will keep him on the Sixers' bench for 2009-2010.

I think it's a good move mainly because with all the money spent on the team this season, Mo will be under a ton of pressure to make all the pieces fit together. The Sixers have done a great job of securing the future of this franchise. They've taken care of their own guys, they made a huge splash in free agency. You don't want a lame duck coach at he helm when you've worked so hard to put this team together the right way.

Not to mention the fact, he's earned it. He really has. No team in the league is better conditioned. He found a way to motivate Sammy to play D. Most importantly, he had this team believing they could win last season, when they really had no reason to. Another good move by Ed Stefanski, congrats Mo.

(Hat tip to Ricky from Sixers4Guidos for giving me the heads up.)
by Brian on Sep 9 2008
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