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A Welcome Distraction?

Allen Iverson has dominated by Sixers bandwidth for the past 36 hours or so, tonight's game against the Spurs will absolutely be a welcome distraction. Preview after the jump.
The advanced stats don't paint a pretty picture, but we already knew that.

As for the Spurs, well, they started off slow, but we're catching them on a four-game win streak. Believe it or not, we've actually played them very well over the past couple seasons, thanks in large part to the defensive work of Sam Dalembert on Tim Duncan.

It looks like Manu will be out for the Spurs and the Sixers will give Brand another day to rest his hammy, which is a prudent move. No need to rush him back on the front end of a back-to-back, especially not when he'd have to chase Bonner around on the perimeter or handle Duncan on the blocks.

Iguodala has a huge advantage. McDyess and Sammy should probably cancel each other out, offensively. Thad and Jefferson can both take advantage of each other, probably Jefferson moreso than Thad. I'm not optimistic about this game. Last year was the gut-wrenching Tony Parker miracle at the buzzer in San Antonio, I don't expect this one to be as dramatic.

Jrue Watch: This is what I'm really looking forward to. Parker isn't a real threat off-the-ball, to slow him down, you have to defend the pick-and-roll well and you have to keep him out of the lane. This should be Jrue's best test to date on the defensive end, his strength against his opponent's strength. He should also be able to use his physical strength on Parker on the other end. Since taking over as the starter, Jrue has 11 assists, 4 turnovers and two steals in two games. He's shooting a dismal 5/23 from the floor, and he's committed 9 fouls. It's a learning process, I'm waiting for a game where gets off to a quick start offensively because it seems like early confidence permeates his game.

Key to the Game: Ho hum, rebounding.
If _________ the Sixers will win: Out on a limb here, Holiday out-scores Parker.

This is your game thread and I will be here, live, to join you (finally). Hope to see you guys tonight at seven, hopefully after an Eagles win.
by Brian on Nov 29 2009
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