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Two big storylines over the past several days: The Knicks claimed on washed up PG off waivers and the Thunder signed another. Excellent.

If Kevin Ollie was atop your wish list for the Sixers' third-string point, time to go back to the drawing board. The Thunder snagged Ollie. The Knicks claimed Jason Williams (Not the one that shot his driver, nor the one that crashed his motorcycle), meaning they have a window to sign him before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. This J. Williams has some experience running the Princeton Offense, although I'm not entirely sure he ever ran it particularly well. His highest shooting percentage in Sacramento was 40.7%. Personally, I think the Knicks can have him.

As I'm sure you all heard, the Sixers offered more money to Hakim Warrick than the Bucks, but he chose Milwaukee. Not much you can do about that, although as Rob said to me via Twitter, it's becoming tiresome seeing the Sixers lose out on all these FAs who they were rumored to be interested in.

One other mildly interesting item: The Bucks jettisoned Bruce Bowen (his contract was only partially guaranteed, so this move was expected). The Sixers are looking for a backup wing, among other things, would you throw a one-year offer at Bowen for the bi-annual ($1.9M)? I think I would. He isn't the defender he once was, not even close, but he's still as dirty as they come. He could come in for brief stretches and frustrate the hell out of guys like Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade, maybe rough them up a little bit. Plus, even in his advanced years he did shoot nearly 43% from three last season. I think it's worth a shot.

Bowen goes on my "wings" list, right beside Ime Udoka and I guess Rodney Carney.
by Brian on Aug 3 2009
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