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Add Monty To the List

Phil Jasner has the scoop today. Monty Williams, ex-Sixer, current Portland assistant, is apparently on the Sixers radar for their vacant head coaching position. Quick thoughts and poll after the jump.

Williams began as an intern for the Spurs for one season, and he's been an assistant coach under Nate McMillan in Portland. When we're talking about assistants making the leap to head coach, I can't help but use the coach they've learned under as a barometer for the type of coach they will hopefully become. It may or may not be fair, but usually there isn't much else to go on. Of the assistants mentioned, Williams is very, very low on my list.

Many people have been impressed by the job McMillan has done in Portland, I'm not really one of them. Last year, his team got bounced in the first round, with home-court advantage. This season, the Blazers were headed for the lottery until Andre Miller ripped McMillan a new one, and basically demanded playing time. Up to that point, Steve Blake was starting most of the time. Eventually, Blake was found to be superfluous enough to be traded.

McMillan has taken four teams to the playoffs, only one past the first round. He's got a big who plays small, an SG who can't seem to play with a PG who actually runs the offense, a training staff that can't keep anyone on the floor. The record is impressive, but I'm just not impressed with his grasp of the game.

Fairly or not, that's the lens through which I view Monty Williams, and I don't want him. Vote in the poll below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

By the way, it sounds like Mark Jackson may be flaking out a little bit. He canceled the scheduled interview and now the Sixers are waiting for him to reschedule. Personally, I hope the Clippers or Bulls hire him and save the Sixers from themselves.