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The Orlando Magic were dealt a huge blow tonight when Jameer Nelson went down with a dislocated shoulder. I'd say best-case scenario is a time line similar to Elton Brand's for return, but he may opt for surgery depending on how severe the dislocation is.

So, let's take a look at things for a second. Orlando is in the midst of their best season in, well, maybe in their history. They're on their way to the playoffs with a top-three seed and now they're going to have to hand the point guard responsibilities to 34 year-old Anthony Johnson. I couldn't even tell you who their third-string PG is.

Looking at their roster, I don't really see any pieces they'd be willing to give up to get Andre Miller, or any pieces the Sixers would be particularly interested in, to be honest. I mean, Hedo isn't going anywhere, same with Lewis and Howard. JJ Redick can shoot, but are you going to build a trade around him?

The key to this injury, for the Sixers, is that another team is in serious need of a point guard. The more teams who find themselves in that situation, the greater return the Sixers can get on Andre Miller, if they move him.

Am I missing something? Can any of you guys put together a deal that makes sense with Orlando for Miller?
by Brian on Feb 3 2009
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