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An Epic Collapse

The Philadelphia 76ers completely outclassed the Atlanta Hawks for 43 minutes tonight. They stifled everything the Hawks tried to do on the offensive end. They dominated the boards. They ran crisp offense and shared the ball. They were well on their way to a double-digit win, on the road, against a legitimate playoff team. Then...

4:52 left in the game, Sixers leading 87-78. Andre Iguodala steals the ball from Marvin Williams, igniting a 2-on-1 break...

  1. Lou Williams misses dunk
  2. Andre Iguodala misses 19-foot jumper
  3. Tony Battie, 3 second violation
  4. Andre Iguodala misses 18-foot jumper
  5. Tony Battie misses 18-foot jumper. Iguodala fouled on the rebound, Sixers retain possession. Andre Iguodala misses 9-foot jumper. Sixers get the offensive rebound. Tony Battie fouled on a layup. Battie makes first free throw. Battie misses second free throw.
  6. Mike Bibby blocks Jrue Holiday's three-point jumper.
  7. Lou Williams misses 9-foot shot. Tony Battie misses tip. Offensive rebound. Elton Brand misses 9-foot shot.
  8. Elton Brand misses 17-foot jumper.
  9. Jodie Meeks turnover.
  10. Andre Iguodala misses 27-foot three pointer.

One point in their final 10 possessions, coupled with a few key errors and one devastating botched rebound by Andre Iguodala and voila, another win is magically transformed into a loss. Just given away. On a platter. With a bow on top.

Player of the Game: Elton Brand, who thoroughly out-played Josh Smith, not that it mattered in the end.
Team Record: 5-14
Up Next: vs. Charlotte, tomorrow night

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g194f120410.gif No preview for the Charlotte game, we're on the weekend schedule. The game thread will be up extra early.
by Brian on Dec 3 2010
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