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An Inopportune Win

If you'll allow me to paraphrase a grizzled NBA coach, "Milwaukee just missed shots." Game notes after the jump.

This game can be summed up in a couple of quick thoughts. The Sixers started 8/8 from the floor and quickly smelled blood in the water. The Bucks hit their first three, then missed 14 in a row. This game wasn't about energy, or defense, or the Sixers offense, for that matter. It was about the Milwaukee Bucks bricking about 15 wide-open threes and finishing 5/28 from deep. Eddie Jordan's defensive schemes worked exactly as they have for his entire career. They left shooters wide open.

Anyway, it's unbelievably late, so I'm just going to give you the few notes I jotted down as I watched the game. Rotation chart will come tomorrow night, most likely:

  • EB had no legs. Everything was woefully short, except for the banker from 15 feet.
  • Sixers start 5/5 from the floor, and Jordan calls a timeout. No clue why.
  • 8/8 start, at the time thought it was fools gold.
  • MIL is missing a ton of open jumpers (wrote that one in the first quarter.
  • Jrue in the post out of a timeout, scores easily over Jennings. Something to look forward to.
  • 5/5, 10 points, great defense in the first quarter for JH. Sits the entire second quarter. Not a big fan of that.
  • Primoz!!!!!!!!
  • JH and AI9 took turns handing out dunks for a stretch in the third.
  • Jrue got really careless with the ball in the second half.
  • 2 charges drawn for Speights, and he should've had a third. Go figure.
  • Jrue 4 3. Off a pick-and-roll with Brand. His man went under, Jrue made him pay.
  • Favorite offensive possession of the night, by far. Jason Smith dribbling on the perimeter for literally 13 second, then driving to the hole and getting rejected.
  • Damn, they're going to win this game. (late 3rd quarter thought)
  • 8 rebounds for Jason Smith? That's like a month's worth of work for the tall alligator.

That's pretty much all I have. Sacto knows how to tank, they lost to the Knicks. Washington lost, but the Pacers win keeps them ahead of us.
by Brian on Mar 25 2010
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