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Why not? Why can't it happen now? The Sixers have proved they're nothing if not streaky this season. Tonight, they can push their winning streak to three games and pull to within two games of at least one of the three teams they're chasing in the playoff hunt. A win over the New Jersey Nets...too much to ask?

We've been here before, several times. Just last season, the Sixers only needed to pick up a couple of wins down the stretch to move out of the #7 seed and avoid a first-round matchup with the Heat. We all know how that ended. Will this season be a different story? If they're going to end the season on a run and pass any one of Boston, Atlanta or Orlando (or maybe even more than one), they simply cannot drop this game tonight.

On the court, the Sixers need to do exactly what they did on Tuesday night. Keep the defensive pressure on all night, work hard on the defensive glass, minimize Deron's scoring and stick with New Jersey's shooters out past the three-point line.

I assume we'll see the same starting lineup tonight, hopefully Voose can give them something on the glass and maybe a couple of hoops. One thing this team is going to desperately need down the stretch is for Jodie Meeks to break out of his shooting slump. He's had at least a dozen wide-open, clean looks at threes thanks to the penetration of Iguodala and Jrue over the past week, and I don't think he's hit more than one or two of them. If he starts knocking those shots down, which isn't out of the question after all, the offense might be better than average. And a better-than-average offense to go along with a stifling defense is enough to take down most of the teams left on their schedule.

The tip is at 7pm. Game thread will land around 5. Here's my question for you: Forget about whether you want them to do it or not, do you think this team has a hot run in them to finish this season strong and get out of the dreaded 7/8 slots in the East heading into the playoffs?
by Brian on Apr 13 2012
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