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An Unacceptable Loss

I guess the silver lining is that maybe this game won't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Personally, that doesn't give me much solace. The Sixers should've never been in a close game with the Kings. They should've never had to come back. They should've never let it slip away and there's plenty of blame to go around.


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  • Two things really disappointed me in this game. The team's general malaise after the first quarter. It seemed like most of them thought Sacto would just roll over and die once they got down. Iguodala and Hawes were the only guys who gave consistent effort all night. The second disappointment was Doug Collins freezing Jrue Holiday out at the end of the game. Jrue was as hot as he's ever been, he put the team on his back, carried them all the way back and put them up by 3 with 2:02 left. Jrue didn't get another touch, let alone another look, the rest of the way. Suddenly, it was all Iguodala isolation. I hope someone asks Collins why.
  • Besides the whole "energy" thing, the concrete reason they lost this game was the pitiful play they got off their bench. Lou may have hit that dramatic three to send it into overtime, but he was beyond Bad Lou today. He was on a whole new level of sucking. 1/12 from the floor for 5 points. Thad wasn't much better, 2/11 for 4 points.
  • 4/10 from the line for Iguodala. You just can't have that. He also played 44 minutes. I'll be shocked if he plays tomorrow night in Chicago.
  • Spencer Hawes had a really good game. I'm not sure why he was taking that corner three in overtime, but that doesn't overshadow the effort he put forth against his old team. 16 points, 15 boards, 4 assists a steal and a block in 43 minutes.

Player of The Game: Jrue Holiday. 11/19 from the floor, 5/5 from the line, 9 boards, 7 assists, 1 block, 2 turnovers. 28 points. Jrue scored 11 straight in the fourth before being systematically ignored when the game was decided.
Team Record: 37-36
Up Next: @ Chicago
Game capsule

I don't know about you, but I kind of wish Lou had just missed that shot at the buzzer. Overtime did nothing but put extra minutes on these guys and make tomorrow night that much harder. Terrible way to lose a game.
by Brian on Mar 27 2011
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