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Andre Iguodala, All Star

It's probably long overdue, but our very own Andre Iguodala has finally made the All Star team. It's great for AI9 to get the recognition, and I think it should be mandated that when the Inquirer refers to him from now on they should replace "grossly overpaid" with "All Star." Congrats to @mindofai9.

For those of you in the "Iguodala is overpaid" camp, here's a look at the salaries of all this year's All Stars (* means the player is still on his rookie contract):

Kobe Bryant$25,244,493
Dirk Nowitzki$19,092,873
Carmelo Anthony$18,518,575
Dwight Howard$18,091,770
Joe Johnson$18,038,573
Chris Paul$16,359,805
Deron Williams$16,359,805
Chris Bosh$16,022,500
LeBron James $16,022,500
Dwyane Wade $15,691,000
Kevin Durant$15,506,632
Paul Pierce$15,333,334
Andrew Bynum$14,900,000
Andre Iguodala$13,531,750
LaMarcus Aldridge$12,872,000
Tony Parker$12,500,000
Luol Deng$12,325,000
Steve Nash$11,689,062
Derrick Rose*$6,993,708
Blake Griffin*$5,731,080
Russell Westbrook* $5,082,416
Kevin Love*$4,609,701
Roy Hibbert*$2,588,590

A reader named Jay took the next step with the table above and broke down the All Stars by cost per win share and PER. The math probably works better with win shares, because it's cumulative, but you get the point:

by Brian on Feb 9 2012
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