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Andre Iguodala For Monta Ellis Rumor

Currently, this is a second-hand rumor coming from Robert Flores (I'm sure Ric Bucher is happy that his "scoop" is being stolen by an ESPN anchorman, but that's beside the point.) The actual tweet is as follows: "ESPN.com's Ric Bucher reporting #Warriors #76ers discussing Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade. #NBA." Thoughts to follow. Here's the actual rumor.

Well, this one panders directly to the PPG crowd and if the trade has any legs at all, I guess we can count Rod Thorn and Doug Collins as card-carrying members of that pitiful group. Obviously, this rumor is about as thin as they come. Only "teams are discussing" a possible move, but let's look at the particulars anyway.

The Money

The trade works under the current CBA, straight up. Here's a table showing how much money the Sixers would save if they made the deal:


On The Court

Ellis is a volume shooter who does not score efficiently and has never, ever played a lick of defense. He's much, much more ball-dominant than Iguodala has ever been. Adding him to the Sixers will most likely take the ball out of Jrue's hands and any hope of Turner becoming a playmaker at this level will be buried. It'll also severely tie Collins' hands in what he can do with the backcourt rotation. There's no way in hell he can play Ellis and Lou at the same time.

The Actual Rumor

Bucher finally got around to posting his scoop after being scooped about an hour earlier. The report says the teams "discussed" a deal, past-tense, and the source is said to be on the Golden State side of things. If for no other reason than my sanity, I'm going to chalk this one up as Golden State called Thorn, offered the deal, and Thorn hung up.

As a base

There are a couple of things GSW could add to this package to make it more palatable. For example, they could throw in the #11 pick, which is worthless to me if Biyombo is off the board, which he probably will be. Maybe they could take Jimmer with that pick, then go with a super-small lineup of Monta, Jimmer and Lou. That would be something.

LibertyBallers expanded the deal to put Lou in it with Ekpe Udoh coming in return. For me, this kills the comedic value of the Sixers roster with both Lou and Monta in the regular rotation, and if I can't laugh when all is said and done, all that's left is to cry. I'll pass.
by Brian on Jun 7 2011
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