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Andre Iguodala: Prediction vs. Performance

The man of the hour is non other than the exit-interview skipping, rumor mill grist, scourge of Philly.com (AKA the best player on the Sixers), Andre Iguodala. Let's take a look at how his on-court performance measured up to my preseason predictions.

See my preseason prediction here. Also check out Statman's statistical breakdown of Iguodala right here. And now, the nombres:

Iguodala didn't live up to my predictions in the scoring department. I thought he'd do a lot more driving to the hole than he wound up doing. He did cut down on his three-point attempts and up his three-point percentage in the process, but his scoring game absolutely took a back seat to Lou, Thad, Brand and even Jrue.

He did compensate for his lack of scoring by turning in the best defensive season of his career, and becoming a truly elite playmaker. His assist-to-turnover ratio was spectacular. His rebounding was also great. Overall, Iguodala had a very strong season, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect more scoring from him than he delivered, and more efficient scoring as well (his 53% TS% was the lowest of his career).

All told, his average scoring and elite playmaking made him a plus on the offensive end and on the defensive end, he was second to none on the wing. With Iguodala on the floor, the Sixers were 36-31, in the 15 games he missed, they were 5-10. That's both a great indicator of Iguodala's value to the team, as well as a warning as to what would happen if either (a) his leg issues linger and cause him to miss more time in the future or (b) he's traded away for a lesser talent.

I shudder to say it, but your thoughts on Iguodala in the comments, as usual.