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Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors

The Sixers may or may not trade their best player, Andre Iguodala. One thing is certain, however. The rumors are going to continue until the trade deadline passes. We'll use this post to keep track of who's rumored to be interested, and I'll surface the post whenever a new rumor breaks.
Miami - According to Ric Bucher, the Sixers turned down a deal that would've landed Amare in Miami and Beasley in Philly, presumably for Iguodala and Dalembert.

Boston - Yahoo! Sports mentioned Andre Iguodala as a potential target for the Celts in a Ray Allen salary dump. Doesn't look like the talks got too far, though.

Phoenix - CBS Sports' Ken Berger has sources saying Amare to Philly is now "highly unlikely."

Clippers - Not a rumor, but Chad Ford listed this deal in his column of deals that should happen. Iguodala and Dalembert for Camby, DeAndre Jordan, Al Thornton, Ricky Davis (expiring), Rasual Butler (expiring), and Mardy Collins (expiring). The Sixers would have to cut 3 players from their roster after the deal. Personally, this does absolutely nothing for me. Jordan's a project, Thornton is a 26-year-old scrub. The rest are expiring contracts. It would save the Sixers money next season, but not enough to make any moves. This is a straight salary dump.

3-way with PHO and DET - This rumor comes from The Arizona Republic and I have to say it's the dumbest I've seen by far. The Sixers send Iguodala and Speights to Phoenix, Phoenix sends Amare to Detroit, Detroit sends Ben Gordon to Philly. First of all, a bunch of other moving parts would have to be involved. Second, if you're trading away Iguodala and taking Ben Gordon back you should be tarred and feathered. Stupid, stupid rumor.

Houston - This is the oldest rumor, essentially Iguodala and Dalembert for Tracy McGrady's expiring contract. Reports say the Sixers are holding out for more than simply an expiring contract.

Phoenix - A couple of different versions have been floated. Iguodala and Dalembert for Amare Stoudemire and Jason Richardson. Another version is Iguodala and Dalembert for Amare and Leandro Barbosa. ESPN folk say this one is hot, Tom Moore has sources saying it's old news.

Dallas - Iguodala and Elton Brand for a package of expiring deals. Again, the Sixers want player(s) who will stick around, not just expiring contracts, and Dallas doesn't have many parts they can spare.

Cleveland - No concrete rumors, just a general rumor that they're interested. They have about $34M in expiring deals in Shaq and Ilgauskus, but again not a ton of young pieces.

Personally, I think if something's going to happen, Iguodala will probably go to one of those four teams, Elton Brand will also be involved in the deal, and a third team is going to be needed. Ed Stefanski's job is on the line, and he simply cannot afford to hold a fire sale without getting something concrete in return. Ultimately, the Sixers will most likely be the big loser in the deal, but if a move is made, they'll get something more than expiring contract in return.

If you're wondering how I feel about the Sixers potentially trading away their best player, check out this post.
by Brian on Feb 14 2010
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