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Andre Miller Has No Mercy

How good is Andre Miller? When guarded by D-League-caliber defenders (like Luke Ridnour) he shoots with his eyes closed. He's that good.

Miller shoots by sense of smell sometimes. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
More on the Sixers win, Miller's big game and DiLeo's moment in the sun after the jump.

Talk about going against the grain. The Sixers were out-rebounded in this game, 37-35. They got worked on the offensive glass, 14-9. They turned the ball over mommre than their opponent, 16-14. They had 17 less FGA than the Bucks. These are usually the stats they dominate. So how did they win 110-105 over Milwaukee when they got beat in all of their bread-and-butter, hustle stats? Simple, they shot the lights out.

How does 51.5% from the field and 53.3% from three (8/15) grab you? Those numbers are impressive, but that's not what won the game for them. They won the game at the line. 32/39 from the charity stripe shows how committed they were to taking the ball to the rack, how much they hustled on the ass end of a back-to-back and how much they concentrated once they got to the line.

Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala both turned in stellar efforts. Check out their combined stat lines: 14/27 from the floor, 18/22 from the line, 14 rebounds and 13 assists.

Miller's three with 28 seconds left iced the game, but plenty of guys deserve credit for this one. Foremost among them, is Coach DiLeo.

Royal Ivey started the fourth quarter for Andre Miller. DiLeo needed to steal a couple of minutes rest for Miller, so he went with Lou and Ivey in the back court. Ivey hit two threes early in the quarter in big situations to keep the Sixers within reach, when it was time for Miller to come back with 6:54 left on the clock, DiLeo called Lou's number and left Ivey in. He went with the hot hand instead of his usual fourth-quarter rotation. Ivey's defense from that point on was spectacular.

Later in the quarter, with the Sixers down by 4, DiLeo decided to go with a lineup of Miller, Ivey, Iguodala, Thad and Speights. Speights hasn't been seeing these minutes down the stretch recently, but DiLeo recognized that if the Sixers were going to win this game, they needed offense on the floor. In the final 5:34 of the game Speights scored 7 points, blocked a shot, and grabbed 2 boards (1 offensive). It's great to see Speights working on the floor, it's even better to see DiLeo relying on the young guys and a hot hand to bring the game home down the stretch.

Tomorrow is an off day, Iguodala and Miller, in particular, are going to need it. They played heavy minutes over the past two nights.

Player of The Game: Andre Miller
Team Record: 15-20
Up Next: Charlotte, on Friday night.