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Andres Nocioni: Prediction vs. Performance

Andres Nocioni and his mystical mullet of years past headline today's edition of prediction vs. performance. Nocioni's tough veteran-ness was clearly the reason for the Sixers surprising playoff run, let's see how he measured up to my preseason predictions.

Take a look at my preseason prediction here. And now, a look at the numbers:

I guess I should probably state, for the record, that the intro to this post was sarcastic. You can probably count the number of games in which Nocioni had a positive impact on one hand. His defense is beyond horrible, his outside shot (which was once a legitimate asset) is below league-average. The best thing you can say about Nocioni is that his contract is off the books after next season, and that really isn't a positive considering if the Sixers hadn't made the Dalembert trade, that money would already be off the books.

Alright, enough sour grapes. Nocioni is what he is. Stefanski should've known what he was getting in the deal. On the floor, he did pretty much what you'd expect this past season. Let's just hope they've officially moved on and they'll put him in a suit or at the end of the bench for the entire upcoming season.

Nocioni's game of the year came at Phoenix, check it out.

Since Nocioni probably won't spark a whole lot of stimulating conversation, I'm wondering how people are spinning Iguodala's appearance with Evan Turner on the Jimmy Kimmel pregame show last night into something negative.

Happy Monday, folks. 17 days 'til the draft.