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Another Dalembert Rumor

This time from Chad Ford:

One rumored trade I've heard: McCants, Collins and Brian Cardinal for the Sixers' Samuel Dalembert, who would give Minnesota shot-blocking and athleticism in the frontcourt. But is he worth the two years and $25 million left on his contract?

Oddly, the deal doesn't work in ESPN's Trade Machine. The Sixers would have to add another $3M or so on their end to make it work. Willie Green, anyone?

Collins and McCants would come off the books this summer, with Cardinal expiring next season.

By my math, the Sixers would have $49,909,643 counting against the cap heading into next season, not counting Andre Miller's expiring deal. That's if the deal went through with Willie heading to Minnesota as well. The following year, Cardinal's $6.75M would come off the books.

Worth it to get Sammy and Willie's contracts off the books?

Chad Ford has a chat session going on right now, let's see if we can get him to answer some Sixers' questions from the shores of Hawaii.

UPDATE: Tyson Chandler traded to OKC for Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox (both expiring contracts).
by Brian on Feb 17 2009
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