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Another Day, Another Test

Fresh off our debate in the comments, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge will march into the Wach tonight to face the Sixers. After finally putting a playoff team to sleep on the road, the Sixers will have to turn around an put down an up-and-coming team from the West on their own floor to keep the doubters at bay. A closer look after the jump.

Not a whole lot to hang you hat on from those stats. Offensively, the Blazers dominate. Even in the Sixers' strong categories (Offensive rebounding and drawing fouls), the Blazers have the edge. The good news is that defensively, the Sixers have an edge everywhere but on the boards. The Blazers come in on a three-game win streak. They edged out the Pistons at home, then enjoyed two healthy wins over the Warriors and the Bulls (on the road).

The keys to the game are pretty simple:

  1. Keep Oden and Przybilla off the offensive glass. Those two are combining to be a very a very effective center combo. 14 points, 15 rebounds (4.8 offensive), 2.2 blocks per game between the two of them. Portland is the best offensive-rebounding team in the league (8 more total o-boards than the Sixers, but they've attempted about 60 fewer FGs).
  2. Keep an eye on the shooters.
    • Roy - 36.8% on 2.6 attempts/game
    • Steve Blake - 43.5% on 5.0 attempts/game
    • Travis Outlaw - 41.8% on 3.1 attempts/game
    • Rudy Fernandez - 38.5% on 5.1 attempts/game
    • Nicolas Batum - 38% on 2.1 attempts/game
That's some serious shooting from distance. It's going to take quick rotations and a concerted effort to clean the defensive boards. There will be opportunities to run, especially with our bigs, neither Oden nor Przybilla is particularly fleet of foot.

Favorite match-up: Blake covering Miller
Worst match-up: Green covering Roy
Interesting match-up: Thad on Aldridge

The tip is at 7pm, I'll be watching live so stop by and join in the discussion.
by Brian on Jan 14 2009
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