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Another STH Impression

Rob was kind enough to send along his thoughts on last night's event, I would've gotten them up earlier than this, but I've been under the weather. After the jump, Rob's take.

Rob's notes:

When I first got there I noticed a smaller crowd than the past couple years.

Sure enough my instincts were correct. In previous years they had name tags with different colors because there was 3 groups. The GM, Coach and VP and people were split into those 3 groups and rotated throughout the night. Last night they just had one group on the concourse with Dileo, Lara Price and Stefanski. So it wound up to be almost 2 hours of Stefanski fielding questions.

First question or comment out of the box this guy said "Why the heck did you hire that idiot, moron Jordan. He can't coach and his team plays no defense. This was a recurring theme throughout the night. The people even asked why Jordan was not there and Stefanski joked "Believe me I wish he was".Because of the smaller group everybody got to ask probably 2 questions a person. I would say 90 % of the people had some derogatory comment about Jordan or coaching. Stefanski did go into some of his reasons for hiring Jordan, mainly because of Half Court Offense. Stefanski agreed that player development was not happening to his liking, the regression of Thad Young although he is still high on him and speaking of Jordan's yo-yo- rotations which hurt player development.

I walked away with the impression like a stockholder at a company meeting that 100 % he will fire Jordan at the end of the season. I believe Dean even made a comment that he and other Season Tix Holder's would not be back if Jordan was back.

Some of the STH talked about the team needing a player with an Edge, a more vocal leader, killer. Stefanski eluded to that realizing he has a nice bunch of guys but no player on the team that can be a killer.

Somebody had asked about the Jodie Meeks trade and Stefanski said that we will see him in upcoming games which leads me to believe he will step in and give Jordan a mandate.

I had taken the locker room tour 3 times in past years, so when everybody went down I got Stefanski alone for about 10 minutes which by the way I will give him this he never shies away from speaking basketball or Sixers with anybody. I asked what the thought process was with Miller this summer and he simply said I couldn't see paying a player that kind of money and a 3 year contract at that age. I would have to agree. The STH that were there 90 % of them don't like AI9, I talked with Ed about him and we both agree he is a complete player and a lock down defender. He is also high on Jrue and we talked about the game on Sunday and his play. He commented to me and this kind of surprised me , not that fact but because he told me but he said Speights doesn't put the time and work in the gym and he feels he is overweight. I noticed that part myself. We also discussed Jason Smith and I said one thing about Jason he knows where to rotate defensively which Ed agreed. He said Jason will be better next year which will be the 2nd year off the surgery. He didn't like the fact that he was dribbling too much instead of putting up his shot. He also said that Jason is getting pushed around out there because he is not strong enough yet.

To put a capper on this one STH asked or commented "The product is bad now , what incentives do we have to renew" ? Stefanski comment by saying I agree and "I promise we will rectify this in the off season". I guess the fans question is do we believe this ?

Many, many thanks Rob. Preview for tonight's game will be up in an hour or so (if I can keep my lunch down).
by Brian on Mar 9 2010
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