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Part 6 of the series features the Wizards PF, Antawn Jamison. (Archives after the jump)

  • Unrestricted Free Agent
  • 2007 Salary: $16,360,095
Thoughts On The Player

Jamison, while technically a power forward, doesn't play the back-to-the-basket style traditionally found at the position. He's a volume shooter, who does not shoot for a high enough percentage at the position (43% from the floor in '07-'08) and he takes way too many threes (4.5/game) and shoots them at a below-average 34%. That being said, he is a bona fide scorer, he can shoot from the outside, spread the floor a little bit, his rebounding numbers were impressive this year, and he would fit into the Sixers up-tempo offensive style.

Jamison will be 32 next month, and you have to believe he's looking for his final pay day. I think it's just going to take too much money to bring him in and while he'd help make them a better offensive team, I don't think he's the answer. He'd give you 17-22 points per night, eat up more than 15 shots per game doing it, and he isn't going to draw double teams or really make life much easier for the rest of the offense.

Thoughts On Likelihood

Jamison is at the head of the unrestricted free agent class right now. There are better players out there, arguably, but they all have some kind of string attached (restricted free agency, player options, team options, etc). The only thing it would take to land Jamison is money and a willingness on his part to play in Philly. The probability is pretty hard to peg right now, because not a lot of teams have the cap space to give him the type of deal he's looking for. Philly may honestly be his best option, if the Sixers want him. My gut says he goes back to Washington, though.

Projected Lineup

  1. Miller
  2. Iguodala
  3. Thad
  4. Jamison
  5. Dalembert
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by Brian on May 12 2008
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