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Now that the finals are over, and I really have zero desire to talk about that travesty, I think it's a good time to take a look at the players on both teams who are, or may become available this Summer. We'll examine their contracts, status, and whether or not they'd fit in with the Sixers.

Before we get started, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Eli Manning and the New York Giants one more time. How insufferable would those Boston pricks fans be if not for 18-1.


James Posey
  • Player option for $3,462,480. Expected to opt out.
  • It would probably take a full mid-level to get Posey ($5M+ per year, multi-year deal).
  • James Posey is an intense defender who can lock down the opposing team's best perimeter threat. On offense he can knock down the open three (38%). You can't question his post season experience or performance either. Unfortunately for me, Posey falls into a rare category of "guys I absolutely despise." I think he's a dirty player, I think he's a showboat, I think he's a jackass. I can't see beyond this when evaluating Posey because I honestly think I'd have a hard time rooting for him if he became a Sixer. Maybe you guys can be more objective in your evaluations.
Eddie House
  • Unrestricted free agent.
  • No idea how much it would take to sign him, I'd think significantly less than Posey, though.
  • House is an undersized guard who plays little to no defense and his offensive game consists solely of lurking at the three point line and heaving shots whenever he gets his hands on the ball. A much-needed piece when playing alongside three hall of famers in Boston, pretty much useless on a team like the Sixers. He did shoot 39% from three this season. Again, it's hard to put my personal dislike for the guy aside, but I'd pass on House as well.

Lamar Odom
  • One year left on his deal for $14,559,000.
  • There has been some talk that Odom could be the odd man out when Andrew Bynum comes back and the Lakers' front court becomes huge with Gasol and Bynum. Odom isn't the type of guy who would spread the floor for Kobe and knock down open threes. I think this is far-fetched, to be honest with you. Odom is an excellent defender and at his best when he doesn't have to carry the load on offense. He'll score his 15 per game, bring the ball up the floor, crash the boards and do the dirty work for a team who has to be considered the favorite heading into 2008-2009 (assuming Bynum comes back and continues to progress). I'd be surprised if the Lakers let him get away.
  • If he did become available, the Sixers could easily put together a package for him, although I don't know why they would. He's cut from the same cloth as Iguodala and possibly Thad Young as well. Too small to play the 4, no a good enough jumper to dominate at the 3. The Sixers don't need another tweener, and I really don't know where they'd play him. A deal may make some sense if the long-term plan is to clear as much cap space as possible after next season, but I don't think that's the goal at this point.
Sasha Vujacic (see previous post)
  • I still think he's an excellent fit.
Rony Turiaf
  • Restricted Free Agent
  • Could probably be had, but you'd have to over pay.
  • Turiaf is an interesting idea. He's not a starter. You have to think of him as a Reggie Evans-type guy off the bench at the PF, but a Reggie Evans who doesn't rebound or pressure the ball like Evans, but he does score and block shots. I like Turiaf, if the price is right. I see him playing the role Corliss Williamson did, in his prime, a guy who can come in and provide a little bit of low-post scoring in spurts.
Trevor Ariza
  • Player option for $2,911,600
  • Ariza may opt out, he could probably get more as a free agent.
  • An athletic, long swing man who doesn't do any single thing particularly well. I'd pass on Ariza.
So there you have it. Anyone have any interest in any of these newly-crowned champs or finals floppers?
by Brian on Jun 18 2008
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