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Avery Bradley on the Radar?

According to Marc Spears, of Yahoo fame, the Sixers were among the teams to place an immediate call to Avery Bradley last night when he officially became a free agent. Assuming it wasn't a drunk dial on Hinkie's part, this is the type of move that would have excited me in the past.

In the past, I would've talked about Bradley's two strengths, and how valuable they are in this league. He's a guy who can pressure the ball, relentlessly, and also defend quick wings. He's a long, quick defensive menace. He's also learned to knock down threes as his career has progressed. I liked him coming out of Texas and still like him now. The downside to Bradley's game is he's not a focal point, in the least. He never gets to the line (absolutely never), and he isn't a PG. He's a guy who you plug in at the two, give the toughest perimeter defensive assignment to, and hope he can find open spots on the floor to make contributions when someone else sets him up.

All of this would've made me so happy if only signing him would be a meaningful move, but it wouldn't. Best-case, they sign Bradley to a reasonable four-year deal, and then he becomes a free agent a year before their window opens in Hinkie's grand plan. Signing him now could lead to a few more wins in the short term, since we know he's an NBA player and all, and maybe he becomes a marginal trade asset if he signs at a reasonable number, but really, what's the point. I'd almost prefer they don't make moves like this in the short term. Hinkie has signed as all up for another year of misery, at least make it miserable enough to matter. (That last sentence has a familiar ring to it).
by Brian on Jul 1 2014
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