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Bad, Bad Lou

I hate to put a loss on one player, and I'm really not going to do it tonight, but come on. Lou Williams is an 82% shooter from the line. If he hits one of two with 6 seconds left on the clock, none of us are looking for the nearest bridge with an eye toward taking a leap.

It wasn't just that play, Lou shot 5/17 from the floor (and 4/7 from the line) for his 14 points. He did have the defensive play of the game, drawing a charge on Austin Daye with a little over 3:18 remaining.

Anyway, for me, the big takeaway from this game was that this team desperately needs Andre Iguodala back, as soon as humanly possible. Detroit's comeback was fueled by Tayshaun Prince's ridiculous abuse of Andres Nocioni in the post. Prince scored 8 straight points for the Pistons, and Nocioni was helpless to stop him. Let's dig a little deeper, though. Here's a look at the production wings have had against the Sixers in Iguodala's absence:

  • Dorell Wright - 28 points on 11 shots
  • Grant Hill - 17 points on 13 shots
  • Kobe Bryant - 33 points on 24 shots
  • Trevor Ariza - I could guard Trevor Ariza
  • Rashard Lewis - 18 points on 11 shots
  • Luol Deng - 22 points on 17 shots
  • Tayshaun Prince - 23 points on 14 shots

None of that nonsense happens if Iguodala is on the floor. Not even close. That's all I've got for tonight. I'll add the charts and game capsule some time tomorrow (probably late, after the Birds).

Player of The Game: Jrue Holiday. 15 points (5/11, 2/3, 3/3), 12 assists, 3 boards, 3 steals, 4 turnovers and the absolute pleasure of carrying the team to a fourth-quarter lead only to see his coach hand the reins over to Lou Williams in crunch time.
Team Record: 15-22
Team Record if Evan Turner could hit 1 of 2 FT's (WAS #1), Jrue Holiday didn't feel like fouling John Wall on a 40-foot shot (WAS #2) and Lou Williams didn't shit the bed from the line (tonight): 18-19.
Up Next: Eagles vs. Packers. I can't even stomach looking at the Sixers' schedule right now.
by Brian on Jan 9 2011
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