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The better team won.

That sentence stands alone because it's a simple fact. The 59 wins weren't a fluke. It's frustrating because for three and a half games the Sixers' heart, desire, hustle and team play overcame the vast chasm of talent, but it didn't last, I guess it couldn't.

My hat goes off to the Pistons, when their backs were to the wall they did exactly what they had to and executed mercilessly.

The amazing turnaround we all witnessed shouldn't be overshadowed by the final 10 quarters of basketball we saw this team play. Going in, we knew they weren't a finished product. We knew they had a ways to go. This season, and these playoffs were all about laying the groundwork for what is yet to come.

The good news is that the Sixers are in excellent position to make the moves they need to so they can elevate themselves to the level the Pistons are at right now, and beyond.

The offseason begins tomorrow, and it will be a busy, exciting offseason. For tonight, when you close your eyes to go to sleep don't think about this loss, think about the highs of the past 2 months and unbelievable run this team went on and sustained.

Players of The Game: The Philly crowd, for giving this team a standing O at the end of the game for a great season.
Final Team Record: 42-46
Cap Space: $10M-$16M, depending.

by Brian on May 1 2008
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