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Best Moment of the Season

I've seen an awful lot of negativity surrounding the Sixers the summer, both from the mainstream media and fans. Heck, I'm not saying I haven't been guilty myself (Primoz, really?). But for one day at least, let's focus on the positive. After the jump, I'll give you my three favorite moments of the season, in the comments, let me know which was yours.

In no particular order:

In Orlando, game 1. Iguodala drains the step-back jumper in some soon-to-be Raptor's mug for the win. It was only game one, so I was trying to temper my emotions, but I was pretty wired after this shot. Stealing game one was huge and that shot was amazing.

I was at this game, and I literally lost my voice for a couple of days after. Up 2-1, I admit it, I started to believe. Pretty much everyone was giddy at the half, the Sixers almost blew a big lead in the third, but came storming back to win it on Thad's amazing shot. Easiest drive home from the Wach I've ever had.

This one was only a regular season win, but it was easily the best I felt all season long. The Sixers were down 11 headed into the fourth quarter, on the road, in LA, against the eventual champs. Everyone thought it was over when Kobe hit a jumper to put the Lakers up 2 with less than 10 second remaining. Iguodala told Coach DiLeo he was going to win the game, threw away the play that was drawn up, went out there and nailed the game-winner. I didn't sleep that night, I was way too pumped. It was also the busiest night, comment-wise, this blog had all season, I believe. Relive it here, here, here, here and here.

So the ball's in your court now. These were probably the three best moments of the season for me. The moments in time where this team physically lifted me up and made me feel like a little kid again. What are yours?

Maybe tomorrow we'll tackle low points, if I'm feeling sadistic.

By the by, if you're chomping at the bit to sponsor ex-Sixers' pages on basketball-reference.com, I won't be renewing my claim on Andre Miller, Reggie Evans or Theo Ratliff at the end of the month.
by Brian on Aug 6 2009
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