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Big Al Leading the Way

Your Charlotte Bobcats are currently the number eight seed in the Eastern Conference. A commentary on the horrid conference? An example of a bad team paying too much money to join the ranks of the mediocre? Or maybe a team on the rise? My money isn't on the last one. Sixers hosting the Bobcats tonight.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Cody Zeller stretch the floor with his sick three-point stroke tonight. Been looking forward to it ever since his agent starting spreading the word about his outside game (when it was apparent his inside game wouldn't translate). And yes, I'm still on the Biyombo bandwagon. Trade Turner for him immediately.

The Bobcats are nearly the worst offensive team in the league, but a top-ten defense. Tonight, their endurance will be tested. They hammered the Knicks last night while the Sixers rested. On an even night, I'd say the Sixers would struggle to score on the Cats while allowing them to resemble an average offensive team. This one looks like a win to me.

Moultrie won't play tonight, but is apparently nearing a return. I'm looking forward to his return, not because I think he's going to amount to anything, but because I think his presence on the bench should force Brett Brown to never play Brandon Davies again. If only they could find a replacement-level small forward to push Turner to the bench my viewing experience would be so much better.

The tip is at 7. I should be around for this one.
by Brian on Jan 15 2014
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