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I saw this article on Slam Online and got a chuckle out of it. Billy is taking a lot of credit for the current run the Sixers are enjoying, and while I don't completely disagree with him, I do think he goes a little overboard.

King's drafting skills have been proven out, to a point. Iguodala, Dalembert, Thad Young, Rodney Carney, Lou Williams, Willie Green, Jason Smith. They're all rotation players of varying levels of import, and King either drafted each of them, or pulled off draft-day trades for them. He built the core of this team, so he gets some credit.

However, that's where the credit ends. This team is in excellent position going into the Summer because Ed Stefanski came in, saw an opportunity to unload one bad contract King signed (Kyle Korver) and gently nudged Mo Cheeks into playing the young players on his roster. If King was still here, Korver would still be getting serious minutes, and more importantly, his $4.77M salary would still be on the books this Summer. Instead of having between $10M and $14M in cap space, they'd have between $5M and $9M. There's one more thing to take into consideration. The contracts King negotiated (Korver, Willie Green, Dalembert) have all been very bad from a cap perspective. This offseason the Sixers need to renegotiate with Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. Are you confident King wouldn't have gotten fleeced again? Me neither.

Billy King did indeed build this roster, but this Summer has to be about recovering from the cap damage he did to the team, and spending money wisely. I trust Stefanski to do this, I don't think there's a chance King would've accomplished it.

The Slam Online article links to a Daily News story which says King could find his way to NYC to take over for Isiah. As a Sixers' fan and noted Knicks' hater, I really, really, really hope this happens. Seriously, if King is given control in NY you just know David Lee is getting a max contract after next season, Nate Robinson is probably somewhere in the $55M/5 year range. Balkman gets $40M. Marbury is traded for late first-round draft picks. He uses the #3 pick to take O.J. Mayo. God, I'd love that.
by Brian on Mar 18 2008
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