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Bloody Saturday

If the Sixers can muster every last bit of hustle, swarm the ball, hit their open long twos and Miami has an off game, the Sixers might just be able to only lose by about 15 points tonight. Excited?

Here's the hope. Jrue and Hawes both start off really hot. Chalmers can't handle Jrue, Bosh is too lazy to get out on Hawes for 20 footers. The Sixers score with Miami for the first quarter, something like 32-28 after one. Then LeBron switches onto Jrue, Miami doubles him, gets the ball out of his hands, the offense sputters. At that point, Collins starts calling Nick Young's number. Maybe he gets hot enough to keep it close-ish until the half. In the second half, Wade starts on Jrue, LeBron on Young. The deficit grows to about 15 by the end of the third. The Sixers maybe keep around there against Miami's second unit. That's probably a best-case scenario. And I'm not expecting anything nearly that enjoyable.

The tip is at 7:30pm. Use this as your game thread. I'm going to have to watch on DVR, and I do mean have to. If I had a choice, I probably wouldn't.
by Brian on Feb 23 2013
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