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Bobbleheads For All

The Sixers will play host to a team that really knows how to tank tonight. A team that's been doing it for years, and will probably continue to do it the right way for years to come. The Charlotte Bobcats dropped their 55th game of the year last night in New York. The Sixers won't need to muster much to push their win streak to three, but they will need to muster a little.

The Bobcats went all out in a furious comeback effort against the Knicks last night, a comeback that fell well short. Gerald Henderson dropped 35 points in 46 minutes of action. Kemba Walker played 41. For their part, the Sixers didn't exactly cruise to a win against the Cavs. Their entire starting lineup played more than 36 minutes, with Thad leading the way at 41. We should know by the middle of the first quarter whether they have dead legs or not. Think Utah if you need a recent example.

Assuming the starters aren't running on empty, it should only take a couple of decent runs to put the Bobcats away. They truly are a pitiful team and franchise. The loss of Ramon Sessions takes away the only real strength they had as a unit. Gerald Henderson is playing for a contract and getting up as many shots as possible in what little time he has left to prove himself. MKG might be a decent player, but he's a guy whose talents will be better in complimentary role, not surrounded by this group of losers.

With Sessions out, either Kemba or Ben Gordon will be in the backcourt at all times. Turner and Jrue need to spend some time in the post and even more time just attacking those guys. It'd be nice if Turner could string together a couple of decent games and hopefully salvage some kind of trade value before time runs out on the season.

The tip is at 8pm on Allen Iverson bobblehead night. Use this as your game thread. I'll be at the WFC in section 114 if you're there. Enjoy the game. (Win #30?)
by Brian on Mar 30 2013
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