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Boston Makes It Look Easy

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/defense101122308.jpgThe Sixers put up a little bit of a fight early in the first half, but by halftime, this one was pretty much decided.

The 110-91 (f you Eddie House for shooting at the buzzer to pad your stats) win pushes the Celts' streak to 19 in a row. But the Sixers are working on a streak of their own. More on this after the jump.

The Philadelphia 76ers have now gone 105 minutes and 45 seconds without hitting a three pointer. It's not for lack of trying, they've attempted 21. Here's the breakdown of the misses over that time:
  • Iguodala - 0/8
  • Thad - 0/5
  • Miller - 0/3
  • Lou - 0/3
  • Rush - 0/2
  • Willie - 0/1
  • Ivey - 0/1

Excellent work, guys. I'm wondering what the record is since the inception of the three-point line.

We have two off days now before the Sixers head out west to face the Nuggets.

I'd love to give you some keys to the game tonight, but it just comes down to the Celtics being a better team and the Sixers not being able to shoot to save their lives. You have to think Ed is working the phones, right?

Team Record: 12-16
Player of The Game: Speights (only because we have to have one).
Up Next: @ Denver, Friday night

One thing to look forward to: At some point this season someone will get into a fist fight with the Celtics. I'm hoping someone knocks the smirk off Eddie House's face when it happens.

by Brian on Dec 23 2008
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