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Brand, Post-Speights

Let's take a look at what our $80M sixth man has done to warrant being removed from the starting lineup by our fearless leader.

Here are the pure statistical splits for Brand's season:

Alright, three splits here. The third represents Brand's numbers after the Speights injury, not including the game in which EB hurt his hammy. If you want to include that or not doesn't really matter. I just pulled it out because it skews the numbers a little. Now when you look at the first split, before Speights' injury, keep in mind that Jordan gave Brand three games at the start of the season with real minutes before he started benching him in the second half. That's actually kind of astounding, I thought it took longer than that, but it the overtime win against the Knicks was the last time Brand played 30+ minutes until the game Speights got hurt in.

After 96 minutes of action, Jordan had seen enough of Brand. Then when Speights, forcing Jordan to play EB for heavy minutes, we saw a completely different player, and we've really seen that player consistently for the 11 games he's played since. His per-game averages look like crap because Jordan has again been jerking his minutes around, but the per/36 numbers look solid.

So here are my questions to you: Does Elton Brand deserve to get benched? Is this an indictment of Brand, or is it simply Jordan's infatuation with small lineups? How do you feel about Brand being the sixth man (or worse) for the next four years at a cost of $14.8M this season, and rising from there? Do you feel like Jordan may have some kind of personal thing against Brand?

And one more, if Eddie Jordan was in a vacuum, had no one to answer to, salaries and egos didn't matter, what would his preferred starting five be?
by Brian on Dec 15 2009
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