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Brand Return On Schedule

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/brandinjury010609.jpgThe AP has a quick hit on Elton Brand's recovery. He says everything is going according to schedule and he should be back in two weeks. He'll start practicing with the team next week.

Some information about the injury has trickled out over the past two weeks. As I speculated the night of the injury, doctors advised Brand to have surgery and told him there was a high probability of re-injuring the shoulder should he decline the surgical option.

From my own experience with a dislocated shoulder, I can tell you that the strength came back quickly for me, but the structural integrity of the joint didn't return for over a decade. I was back on the baseball field, catching, after 10 days. It took about a month for me to dislocate the shoulder again.

I hope Brand comes back and is able to avoid repeating the injury, but I'm also highly doubtful for all the reasons stated in that earlier post. I give him credit for gutting it out and trying to play through pain instead of opting for the surgery and missing the rest of the season. Best-case scenario would probably be to have Elton come back, play through pain and probably re-injury to the shoulder, then get the surgery in the off season. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope he gets back, stays healthy and this team can incorporate him into the up-tempo style they've reclaimed since Tony DiLeo took over.

Pick Me Up: I wonder how much trash those classless Celtics have been talking over the past two games. They lost to the Knicks and the Bobcats, allowing each team to score 100 or more. Karma's a bitch.
by Brian on Jan 7 2009
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