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Bucks Looking For Revenge?

The first time the Sixers met the Bucks, way back in game two, Philly essentially had their way with Brandon Jennings and gang. Jennings nearly notched a triple-double, but the game was pretty much a laugher. Since then, the Sixers have woefully underperformed while the Bucks had a nice run and have fallen on hard times since. Preview and game thread after the jump.

Time is short so I'm going to boil this preview down to two things:

1. Defending Brandon Jennings: I'm completely pumped to see how Jrue handles Jennings (for the 15 minutes or so when Jrue is on the floor). As for the other 25 minutes or so when Lou/Iverson/Willie are guarding him? Well, that's not going to be so pretty. Jennings' fast start has soured and he's only shooting 38% from the floor on the season, but he's still making plays and scoring points. Playing non-defenders on him will cost the Sixers.

2. Defending Andrew Bogut: Pretty much the same scenario as with Jennings. I'm confident that Sammy can handle him, or at least contain him. But Sammy's only playing about 20 minutes/game these days. How will Speights measure up to Bogut, who's really having a spectacular season? My gut says not very well.

I didn't have a chance to catch Ed Snider's interview yet, so I'm wondering if some kind of message was again sent to Eddie Jordan about rotations, playing time and focusing on defense? If it was, you'll probably see short-lived changes tonight.

Key to The Game: Penetration. Keeping Jennings out of the lane will be paramount.
If ___________ the Sixers will win: Bogut doesn't score 20 plus.

This is your game thread, the tip is at 8pm. I'll be right here, taking a break from work. Join me if you can.
by Brian on Jan 27 2010
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