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Buy, Sell or Hold?

If you've been reading the papers, it seems pretty clear the Sixers are either happy with what they have, or driving the price up for Andre Iguodala by professing their love for him. Yesterday, the Sporting News reported that both Brand and Iguodala were essentially off the market. Let's tackle the fundamental question Rod Thorn is going to need to answer this morning before we turn our attention to tonight's game.

It's a simple question with no simple answer. Many fall on the rebuild, and don't do it halfway side of the fence, others want to give this core a chance to grow together, others don't know what course to take. The question is simple:

You are Rod Thorn for the next four weeks or so, leading up to the trade deadline. Do you make a move to improve this team, do you make a trade to kick start the rebuilding process or do you do nothing? Stand pat, wait to see how the new CBA reshapes the league before you make any kind of short-term moves, or long-term plan. Vote in the poll and then explain your logic in the comments. One rule, assume you aren't going to be able to both improve the team and rebuild at the same time.

by Brian on Jan 26 2011
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