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Alonzo Mourning and Grant Hill are the first guys who come to mind when I think about stars of years past making comebacks after injuries. It was improbable that either would ever contribute heavy minutes, let alone solid numbers, after spending years fighting off injuries and disease, in Mourning's case. They both did it. Which brings me to today's discussion topic, Allan Houston.

Houston's unbelievably foolish max deal with the Knicks finally expired after last season, now he's saying he wants to make a comeback. He hasn't played since the '04-05 season, missing the past three plus seasons with a lingering knee injury.

As much as I hated Houston when he wore orange and blue, could he help the Sixers? If he can still shoot the three, I think maybe he could. Before his injury, Houston shot 40% from three for his career. He had one of the sweetest strokes from downtown in the game. On the other hand, the guy is 37 years-old and I don't see him running up and down the court with the Sixers. I can't say I'd expect much from him on defense either, but as the roster stands right now, Kareem Rush is the only three-point marksman they have. Add Houston and you have another option out there.

So, would Houston be worth a veteran's minimum contract to see what, if anything, he has left in the tank?
by Brian on Aug 6 2008
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