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Change Your Stripes?

The Michael Vick situation as well as some spirited Iverson debate over the weekend left me with an interesting question I thought I'd pose to you guys. Is there anything the Sixers could do that would make you find another favorite team?

uglyunis082409.jpgI'm fairly certain the answer to that question for me is no. I mean, in my lifetime they've traded away my favorite player twice. The pain was much, much worse when Barkley was sent to the Suns for a bag of balls and the organization tried to convince me that Clarence Weatherspoon would be the next Barkley, but I hung tight. I definitely root for the uniform first (no matter how ugly it was at the time) and I feel like I've been sufficiently tested. I have a feeling that if you're reading this blog, you'd lose interest in the sport as a whole before you'd buy a LeBron James N.Y. Knicks jersey and buy season tickets at Madison Square Garden, but still, it's a valid question.

I suppose abandoning ship, or maybe jumping ship, is more of a phenomenon among young fans. I was bred to be a Philadelphia fan from my first breath. The television schedule in my house was simple: Phillies in the summer, Eagles in the fall, Sixers in the winter. Rinse and repeat. Yet when I was 7 years-old a long-shot first baseman drafted in the 19th round took over the starting job for Yanks. I snuck into the kitchen every night to watch the Yankees on a 12-inch black-and-white television and I never looked back. Eventually, Mattingly even won over my dad, a guy who'd been rooting for the Phillies for over 50 years. It probably had more to do with me than the Yankees or Donnie Baseball, but still, he definitely switched teams late in the game.

So a few questions for you guys to get the blood flowing on an August Monday:

  1. Could the Sixers do anything to get you to stop rooting for them?
  2. How did you become a Sixers fan? Was it a birth right (or curse)? Did Iverson make you a fan? Barkley? Dr. J.? Something else?

by Brian on Aug 24 2009
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