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Cleared for Basketball Activities

I'm not a hard man to please. Today, I don't care about the Sixers' embarrassing loss to the Rockets last night, I don't care about Turner's twisted ankle or Jrue's soft-tissue foot injury. I don't care the team has less depth than one of these. All I ask is that at some point today, a doctor says, "Andrew Bynum is cleared for basketball activities." Let me head into tomorrow's zombie apocalypse feeling good about something related to the Sixers, I think I've earned it.

I'm going to have to eat some crow. My prediction for last night's game - James Harden would have more FTA than the entire Sixers team - was way off base. Harden only had 18 FTA, to the Sixers 24. Good for you guys. Unfortunately, Harden had as many makes from the line (17) as the entire Sixers squad.

Two insane numbers from last night's game. (1) Spencer Hawes got to the line 7 times, after 8 the previous game. He hadn't attempted 8 FTs in a game in over three years. (2) Omer Asik came into the game shooting 57% from the line. He drained 7/9 yesterday and really looked smooth on every attempt.

Turner actually came back into the game after turning his ankle last night, but was quickly yanked by Collins after only a couple plays. I'm not sure how that bodes for him. Wayns was apparently hurt, as well.

If Turner misses time and Jrue comes back, maybe we'll get a chance to see the starting lineup I was hoping for at the beginning of season, with Wright sliding in at the three. Of course, none of this matters today. "Cleared for basketball activities." That's it.
by Brian on Dec 20 2012
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