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The Philadelphia 76ers' hunt for a new head coach will probably take many twists and turns in the coming days and weeks. This post will be updated whenever news breaks. Profiles, updates, links and rumors on the candidates after the jump.

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When the team confirms an interview for the position, I'll put a brief profile up at the bottom with links to relevant stories. Whenever news breaks, rumor or otherwise, I'll put the link up under "Updates." If you guys hear anything, leave a link in the comments. I'll bump this post to the top whenever there's a noteworthy update and you can always find the link at the top of the middle column under "Extra Credit" on the home page.



http://www.depressedfan.com/img/Wizards-fire-Eddie-Jordan.jpgEddie Jordan
Regular Season Record: 230-288
Playoff Record: 8-18
Best Season: Took Washington to the 2nd round in 2004-05.
Blurb: Jordan coached the Kings for two seasons, with poor results. In Washington, he took the Wizards to the playoffs four consecutive years, despite dealing with various injuries, mainly to Gilbert Arenas. He's a proponent of the Princeton offense and has ties to Ed Stefanski dating back to his time as an assistant coach in New Jersey.
My Take: 2nd (out of 2) of the confirmed candidates.
Status: Jordan was the first coach to interview with the Sixers. He has also interviewed with the Sacramento Kings.


tommyt051909.jpgTom Thibodeau
Regular Season Record: n/a
Playoff Record: n/a
Best Season: n/a
Blurb: Tommy T (as I'll call him for now) is a 19-year assistant who just may earn his first job at the helm of an NBA team. He had a brief run with the Sixers in the pre-Iverson years under John Lucas. He was Jeff Van Gundy's defensive guru in New York and Houston. He's spent the past two seasons in Boston, where he masterminded the Celts stifling defense to a title last season. Van Gundy and Rivers have both given him endorsements.
My Ranking: #1 of confirmed candidates.
Status: Interviewed on 5/21, confirmed.

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/dwanecasey051909.jpgDwane Casey
Regular Season Record: 53-69
Playoff Record: n/a
Best Season: Fired by Kevin McHale with a 20-20 record in '06-'07.
Blurb: Casey was an assistant for 11 years with the Sonics prior to taking the head coaching job in Minnesota. He spent a couple of years overseas, then joined the Mavs as lead assistant. He cut his teeth under George Karl in Seattle. I really don't know a whole lot more about him.
Status: Quietly interviewed by the Sixers on 5/19/09. Reportedly has already been interviewed a second time.
My Take: No opinion, yet. Need to hear more about him. I won't count his year-and-a-half in Minnesota against him, since he was dealing with the petulant, team-killing version of KG, not the "gritty warrior" he's made out to be today, and Kevin McHale to deal with.

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/kurtrambis051909.jpgKurt Rambis
Regular Season Record: 24-13
Playoff Record: 3-5
Best Season: Only season.
Blurb: Rambis was replaced by Phil Jackson after guiding the Lakers to a strong finish in 1999. He's been on the Lakers' bench as an assistant for the past decade under Phil Jackson. I wonder if he's a proponent of the triangle.
Status: Out of the running.
My Take: This one came out of the blue. I think they're just leaving no stone unturned. I will say this about Rambis, however, he's spent a lot of time winning. Both as a player and as a coach, he knows what it takes to play excellent basketball. That has to be worth something, right?

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/fordai052309.jpgChris Ford
Regular Season Record: 323-376
Playoff Record: 13-16
Best Season: '91-92. Larry Bird's last season, made it second round of the playoffs.
Blurb: Ford took over for Randy Ayers mid-season in 2004, finishing with a record of 12-18. If I remember correctly, Allen Iverson wanted him gone, so he was gone. But BK kept him on as a scout, which ruffled Iverson's feathers.
Status: Yet another quiet interview.
My Take: Ford inherited the Celts for the final two years of McHale and Bird, kept them afloat, since then he's coached nothing but losers. The only plus I can see on his resume is that he's part of the Sixers' organization, so he should be familiar with the roster. Personally, I don't think that's much of a plus at all. He goes to the bottom of my list with Eddie Jordan.

by Brian on May 28 2009
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