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Coaching the Right Way

Tom Moore has a great piece this morning detailing how Doug Collins and his staff are taking a hands-on approach with their new players this summer. This team has a long, uphill journey ahead of them, but stories like this can't help but make you feel a little bit better about the future.

Definitely read the article. The highlights include assistant coaches visiting players all over the country and Collins developing a close relationship with Iguodala, which is something that apparently hasn't happened between Iguodala and a coach to this point in his career.

I have serious doubts about the makeup of this roster, their chances in the short term and their management in the long term, but I will say that if Collins can get some of these players to overachieve, to go from being athletic guys who don't quite get it, to legitimate developing players who are making strides toward becoming something more, I'll feel a whole lot better about this team.
by Brian on Aug 17 2010
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