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Congrats, Team USA

Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and the rest of Team USA took down the Turks on their home floor earlier today to claim the gold medal in the world championships. This was the capper to a perfect summer for the so-called "b-team," and those guys all deserve a round of applause.

Now that their run is over, you're going to read a lot of, "well, they should've won," stories, but if you look back at the coverage leading into the World Championships, Team USA was hardly a favorite to win the gold. They couldn't shoot, they didn't have the experience, their athleticism wouldn't mean anything against the seasoned European teams. Well, Coach K put together a gameplan based on stifling defense and the offensive prowess of Kevin Durant. A couple months later, they've left the world in their dust.

It was a pleasure to watch this team play and after the fact, I'll admit that I'm glad Andre Iguodala was part of the team (prior to the selection, I said I didn't want him to play due to the added workload). Hopefully, Iguodala can bring some of the lessons he's learned back to the Sixers.

For now, all those guys should be very proud of themselves for the win (except maybe for Danny Granger, who was completely useless to the team). It'll be interesting to see how many of these guys make the Olympic team in two years.
by Brian on Sep 12 2010
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