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Could The Sixers Have Topped It?

A big trade went down earlier tonight. Larry Brown and the Bobcats sent Jason Richardson and spare parts to the Suns for Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Sean Singletary. The obvious question is could the Sixers have topped what LB got for Richardson?

Let's take a look:

  • Richardson's salary for this season is $12,222,222 for this season, then $13,333,333 and $14,444,444 for the next two years.
  • Diaw's salary is $9,000,000 a year though 2012
  • Bell will make $5,000,000 this year, $5,250,000 the following year.
This wasn't a move to clear cap space, I think it was a move to make the Bobcats a better team, although whether it will or not is debatable. Bell used to be a very good perimeter defender who could knock down the three. Diaw was once considered a triple-double waiting to happen. Unfortunately, neither guy has really performed for some time. I'm not quite sure what LB is trying to do in Charlotte. The move might make some sense if he's planning to play Augustin and Felton in the back court together, which worked extremely well against the Sixers.

Salary-wise, the Sixers could've sent Sammy and either Willie Green or Jason Smith to make it work. While Brown did draft Sammy, I don't think he really considers him his type of player. There's really no other way to make the deal work unless you include Miller, but as we said above, the Bobcats have too many points. I suppose they could've tried to work out a three-team deal, but what's the market really like for Sammy?

The short answer seems to be that the Sixers couldn't have gotten this done unless LB had a nostalgic feeling for Sammy. It's a shame, because Richardson is the type of guy that you could slide into the SG spot if you want to tweak the starting lineup.
by Brian on Dec 11 2008
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