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Crashing the Boards

Through the first two games of the World Championships, Kevn Love has grabbed 21 rebounds in 26 minutes of action. Completely insane numbers, no matter who Team USA is playing. After the jump, some sobering numbers and a quick question to start the week.

Here's a list of how many minutes it took for each of the Sixers front court players to accumulate 21 rebounds last season, on average. Again, it took Love 26 minutes.

  • Thad Young: 128.7 minutes
  • Marreese Speights: 127.8 minutes
  • Tony Battie: 122.3 minutes
  • Elton Brand: 104 minutes
  • Jason Smith: 102.4 minutes
  • Spencer Hawes: 91.7 minutes
Keeping that in mind, here's are my two questions for you. Will a big or a perimeter player lead the Sixers in rebounding this season? Who, specifically, will lead the team? Use per-game rebounds as your basis. Oh, and as a bonus question, how badly do you want Rod Thorn to find a way to get Kevin Love?