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I figured now was as good a time as any to cleanse ourselves of any crazy ideas for the Sixers offseason. I'll start it off, you guys can leave your own in the comments section.

Part 1 (in order of execution)

A three way trade with Memphis and New York.

  • New York gets: Andre Miller from the Sixers
  • Memphis gets: Malik Rose and David Lee from the Knicks
  • Philadelphia gets: Mike Miller from Memphis

I tried it out on the trade machine over at ESPN and the salaries match up.

Logic (or lack thereof)

Mike D'Antoni gets a point guard capable of running his offense. Miller has the added bonus of being an expiring contract at the end of '08-'09, giving the Knicks some possible cap flexibility, although that's doubtful.

The Grizzlies get Malik Rose's expiring contract ($7,647,500) and a young rotation player, possibly a starter, in David Lee in the final year of his rookie deal.

The Sixers get Mike Miller, who immediately steps in as their starting two guard and provides the outside threat they so desperately need. They take on no extra salary for '08-'09, their cap space remains the same.

Part 2

The Sixers use their $11-$13M of cap space to overpay for Jose Calderon. Seriously, whatever it takes, they get him. It's hard to land a restricted free agent, it's even harder in Calderon's case, because the Raptors hold full Larry Bird rights to him (meaning they can go over the cap to offer him a max deal). Still, I think there has to be a threshold for Toronto. They're already paying T.J. Ford $31M over the next 4 years, and I don't see anyone taking on that injury risk. If you think fair market value for Calderon is in the same neighborhood, fine. Offer him $45M for 5 years, even more if you have to. He's a top-five point guard who shot 50% from the floor, 43% from downtown and had a 5.5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.

If Calderon was the only move the Sixers were to make this offseason, I think you could make an argument for overpaying to get him. In the framework of the moves I'm dreaming about here, it's a no-brainer.

Part 3

Sign and trade Andre Iguodala to the Clippers for Elton Brand. Each team would sign the player to an extension, the first-year values would have to match up (or a mid-level could be used to make up the difference for the Sixers if Brand's deal is more valuable). If this is the last piece in the puzzle, the Sixers can go as far over the cap as they need to for Iguodala's deal. Both players could get the big-money, long-term deals they're looking for. The Clippers would wind up getting Iguodala for Brand when they would've wound up with nothing had he just opted out and signed on with another team.

This would mean the Sixers would be over the cap for '08-'09 and beyond, but I think it'd be worth it. The final cap number would probably be somewhere around $72M.

Here's your starting lineup/rotation for next year if this fantasy were to come true.

PG: Calderon, Lou Williams
SG: Mike Miller, Rodney Carney, Willie Green
SF: Thad Young, Rodney Carney
PF: Elton Brand, Jason Smith, Herbert Hill
C: Samuel Dalembert, Jason Smith, Calvin Booth

Plus, the #16 pick in the draft this season.

A true low-post threat, two deadly three-point shooter. A wing man who can slash, run, defend and score from anywhere on the floor, and a center who can erase shots, own the boards and knock in 10 points without having a play called for him.

Off the bench, you have Lou, Carney and Smith to push the tempo and keep the running game alive in Philly.

Never going to happen, I know, but it was still fun to put together. Leave your dream scenarios in the comments.
by Brian on May 22 2008
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