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Cut From the Same Cloth?

If you believe the national press, the Sixers are looking at a less-than ideal fit with the number two pick. They think Evan Turner won't work with Andre Iguodala. I disagree, but that's not what today's topic will be. After the jump, I've got a question for all the Iguodala haters out there, so go ahead, come out of the woodwork. Your input is requested.

Judging from the comments I've seen from the anti-Iguodala contingent, Evan Turner is clearly the guy. He's the shooting guard this team needs to take them to the next level. He's the savior. He's everything Iguodala is not. Here's my question, though. Since you've all been vociferous in your claims that Iguodala is not a two guard, why do you think Evan Turner is?

Your distaste for Iguodala's jumper is well-documented, especially from three-point range. Well, in case you hadn't noticed, Turner isn't exactly a dead-eye from deep. Perhaps he had better shot selection last season, albeit on the college level, but when it comes right down to it, the one reason you've continually said Iguodala can't play shooting guard is that he can't shoot. Turner is in the same boat.

I'm not doubting whether Turner is a better offensive option in the half court. I think he's a more natural scorer in a set offense than Iguodala, and I actually think he's got a very good shot at being an efficient 20 ppg scorer very quickly. My question to you is, if Andre Iguodala is not a shooting guard in the NBA, why is Evan Turner?

Is it Turner's playmaking ability? He did average 6+ assists/game in college (fixed per comments), playing the point, but is this an area Iguodala lacks in? Iguodala was the #2 shooting guard in the league in assists/game behind Dwyane Wade. If you want to count him as a small forward, he was #2 in the league at that position, behind LeBron James.

Is it Turner's pure ballhandling skills? While I've seen him do some impressive things off the dribble, I don't see how you can overlook his turnover levels in college completely. Iguodala's ballhandling miscues (86 last season), were pretty much inline with the elite SGs in the league (Kobe, Wade, etc.).

Turner's main offensive advantage over Iguodala comes in his in-between game. His ability to use his dribble and change-of-pace to get into the lane for short jumpers or layups. But I don't see how an edge in that area, and really that area alone, makes Evan Turner a legit shooting guard while Andre Iguodala, in your eyes, is not.

If you read this post and came away under the impression that I don't believe Evan Turner can play the two, you're mistaken. I think Turner and Iguodala can both play either the two or the three, and really the one, if need be. The thing that I'm trying to get my mind around is why the Iguodala haters out there think their logic in declaring Iguodala a three only doesn't hold true for Turner, who fundamentally shares the same strengths and weaknesses.
by Brian on May 25 2010
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